Design Factor, Inc. is a graphic design company interested in helping your organization grow by creating clear, concise and creative visual communications. Every company has a message and every company has a market. We help clarify that message through visual context and orientation. We make sure your message is distinct and that it resonates with your audience. We know if we help your business grow, our business will follow.

We start the process by listening. Listening to what your company situation is. Listening to who your audience is, what motivates them and how you want them to react. Then we watch. We watch what your competitors are doing. We look for what's different and what sets you apart. We use all the information we've gathered to start the creative process.

Through images, type and space we create, refine and present. We gather feedback and refine some more, until we've created a truly unique and appropriate message worthy of approval.

After approval, we use our expertise in production, be it for print or digital media, to create files that run smoothly, avoiding production pitfalls down the line. We achieve all this while maintaining a level of courtesy and professionalism that ensures long-term business relationships.

So what is your situation? What is your history? How do you see your future? And what do you need to help make your future how you envision it?

"I had a short timeline, limited budget and a huge project to move forward. Design Factor stepped in, made recommendations that greatly improved the product, came in under budget and I had copy to proof in a couple of days. The final product sealed my longtime relationship with Design Factor."

"Many thanks to you and your team. We received a number of compliments on the infographic. I also want to thank your designers for their afterhours efforts to help us turn this around in a short window."

"Many thanks to you and your team. This graphic has been very well received within our organization. Actually, I think it is the strongest one we've done so far."

Design Factor, Inc. is located in the greater Chicago area. If you have any questions or are interested in discussing a possible project, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to speaking with you.

Phone: 847-989-0573